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Mohammed A. Haque
Mr. Huth

A Historical Dinner Party

It is December 31st, 1914, just a couple more hours until the New Year. The loud sound of cars and taxis honking could be heard from all over. Times Square was as vibrant as ever during this time of the year with its streets and buildings all still lined up with Christmas and winter decorations. The window displays of department stores showcased their after-Christmas sale specials. However, some stores were thinking ahead and already had Valentine’s Day displays out on their windows. Shoppers, tourists, and families crowded the streets on every block in anticipation for the glorious ball drop in Times Square. However, the real party, was just some blocks away at the Grand Time Traveler’s Restaurant. A restaurant specifically for great historical figures who have time traveled to either the past or the future or in fact may not have time traveled at all in order to discuss specific events of the given time period, which for this event ranges from 1880 to present day, 1914. For this dinner party six figures each from a different time period and region would meet up at the restaurant. Though each from a different region and time period, they have been equipped with a bracelet which will enable them to speak modern English so each and every member will be able to understand each other.

It was almost dinner time, and the first of the six figures was just arriving. The first to arrive among was Ramesses II, the third pharaoh of the Nineteenth Dynasty of Egypt. He was dressed in traditional ancient Egyptian attire which included the traditional royal headdress known as the Nemes, the infamous false beard, and the royal apron also known as the Shendyt1 along with no shirt. As he walked into the restaurant, Ramesses II was shivering endlessly as he was unaccustomed to the cold and harsh weather of New York City at this time of year. He quickly went to the reserved table for six and sat on the seat closest to the heater. The next of the six to arrive was Qin Shi Huang, the unifier of China in 221 BC. He wore a traditional long gown with the image of a fierce black and red dragon embroidered onto it2, along with a cap known as the mianguan3. When he walked into the restaurant and spotted the shirtless guy warming himself by the heater, he knew that that was his table. He walked towards the table and sat across Ramesses II. A few minutes later arrived Shah Jahan, the fifth Mughal Emperor of India. He was dressed in a royal traditional dhoti4, along with a fashionable turban. Unlike Qin Shi Huang, he sat right next to Ramesses II. A while after came Emilio Aguinaldo, the first president of the Philippines. He walked in wearing a warm overcoat with a traditional barong tagalog underneath and regular black pants5, and then he sat next to Qin Shi Huang. Next up to arrive was Fidel Castro, who served as both the Prime Minister and President of Cuba, however each during different time periods. He came in wearing a large black overcoat over a green military suit along with a green hat. He walked in and sat himself next to Emilio Aguinaldo. Ten minutes later, the last of the six to arrive was Mansa Musa, the tenth king of the wealthy Mali Empire. He was surprisingly dressed in the most modern clothes up to date. He had on an expensive large overcoat and underneath that a fancy black suit and black dress pants. When the other five members saw him, they all looked at him in awe as if he actually came from the future, but really he came from the past. He briskly walked in and sat himself next to his Muslim brother Shah Jahan. Although Musa was last to arrive, he was the first to break the deep and awkward silence amongst the group by apologizing and explaining his tardiness as once he got to New York City, he found it to be very cold so he quickly went to the largest department store near him, which was Macy’s and he bought himself the best warm outfit which money could buy him....

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