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Topics: Native Americans in the United States Pages: 5 (1613 words) Published: August 13, 2015
A Discourse to Promote Colonization (1584)
1. Hakluyt’s arguments for colonization included agricultural use of the land, spread of their religion, easy to travel to (for trade), it would increase money in the economy because they would stop trade with other countries, they could increase their realm with their wealth that they earn from colonization of America, and they could defeat their enemies with their new found wealth. Some of the arguments are more persuasive the others after four hundred years. The amount of money they would earn from colonizing the New World is less persuasive because although it would increase their economy, England would not be wealthy enough to defeat multiple European countries. 2. The arguments that were pertaining to England’s internal conditions were the arguments that stated the raw goods England would be receiving and the foreign commodities cheaply purchased. Others included cheaply made ships for travel and the massive amounts of wealth England would obtain. In one particular argument, it mentions that the Queen of England shall be in charge of the colonization and be reported to with information dealing with America. 3. Hakluyt’s proposed colonies were more important as sources of raw materials because of all the new and unused materials there that would be free. Markets would have no use in America because there isn’t any markets and the Native Americans would have no money value to pay for anything. A Briefe and True Report of the New Found Land of Virginia (1588) 1. The arrival of the English had greatly affected the Native American population, meaning, it decreased dramatically due to diseases that the English had brought over and were incurable in the eyes of the Native Americans. Because of this, the Native Americans believed that the English men were Gods and were able to kill without weapons or being near them. The Indians noticed that the colonists had no women among them and assumed they could not be born as women, so they must be immortal. The colonists made no large effort to correct the Native Americans on their beliefs but instead accepted the love, fear, and all the other emotions they had felt toward the colonists. 2. Although the Indians had the “wrong” ideas about god (only wrong in the eyes of the English), that didn’t stop them from teaching the Native Americans their beliefs. The sentiment described that the Indians thought the English were gods and even though these weren’t exactly the ideas the English had thought to teach them, it was still useful in trying to make the Native Americans change their religion. 3. A major strength in Harriot’s observations is that the Indians believed that the English colonists were gods. This is a strength because they could easy strike fear into the Indians with the possibility of them getting killed. Making the Native Americans fear them is a good thing on trying to get them to do what the English may have wanted them to do, including accepting Christianity, allowing them to take their land, and take control over the people who live there. A weakness is the large number of Native Americans dying due to diseases the colonists had brought over to the New World. This is a weakness because this made the Native Americans hate them more and they’d eventually become incorporative. Although the colonists could not stop the diseases from spreading, they could have helped cure the diseased people.

Images of Native Americans from Roanoke Island (1585, 1590)

1. The differences between John White’s image and Theodor de Bry’s image are quite noticeable. In Theodor de Bry’s painting the women are lighter in skin color, a little plumper and more muscular, and have smaller and more delicate facial features. I believe that Bry did consciously modify White’s original paintings of the Native Americans to make them seem more familiar to the English people. In Bry’s image the Native Americans look more similar to the English, making...
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