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Topics: Women's suffrage, Seneca Falls Convention, Elizabeth Cady Stanton Pages: 2 (899 words) Published: October 29, 2014

Bandie Ouch
APUSH, Period 2
December 3, 2013
Chapter 13 Study Guide
Seneca Falls Convention- A convention on July 19th and 20th in the year of 1848 that discussed the social, civil and religious condition and rights of women. This meet up was organized by men and women to boost the rights of women. The main focus of this event was the Declaration of Sentiments. Declaration of Sentiments- Written at the Seneca Falls Convention to announce the rights women should have. It is modeled after the Declaration of Independence. It was approved by all but a small minority who found it radical. Lucretia Mott- Philadelphia Quaker women who came up of the idea of the Seneca Falls Convention alongside with fellow lady, Elizabeth Cady Stanton. She found the Declaration of Sentiments to be too radical. She was against the voting right proposal made by Elizabeth Cady Stanton. She believed that the public will make fun of them. Elizabeth Cady Stanton- One of the best women reformers, she came up of the idea of the Seneca Falls Convention with Mott. During the convention she proposed voting rights for women. She devoted her whole life to reforming women rights after the convention. Potato Famine- Main cause for the Irish to immigrate to America. During 1845-1849 the Irish had crop issues and decided to leave to find a new area that could provide food. It was either starve or leave for the Irish. Walt Whitman- A poet and democratic party activist who wrote Leaves of Grass, a book of free verse poems that was published in 1855. It described his love for common Americans. Edgar Allan Poe- American-English poet who wrote horror and detective stories and poems. Some of his works include “The Murders in the Rue Morgue” and “The Mystery of Marie Roget”. He was a very cynical man who wrote one of the first detective stories. Tammany Society- An organization of artisans that started in the 1780s. They became into this organization that became highly involved in...
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