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Topics: Slavery, Slavery in the United States, Northwest Ordinance Pages: 4 (777 words) Published: August 17, 2013
Sectionalism: 1820-1850

Into what three regions was the US divided into during this time period? • North: Consisted of two main pieces
o The Northeast: New England and Mid-Atlantic states o The Old Northwest: Ohio to Minnesota
• South: States that permitted slavery
• West: West of the Mississippi, eventually stretching to California

What do you need to know about the industrial northeast?
• Good transportation
• Plentiful manufacturing labor from immigration
• Economy based on commercial agriculture and manufacturing • Highest population of the three regions
• Urban population
o Grew from 5% of the population in 1800 to 15% of the economy in 1850 o Rapid urban growth led to: slums, poor sanitation, disease and crime • African Americans
o 1% of the total northeast population
o African Americans in the northeast made up 50% of free African Americans nationwide • Labor unions
o Formed to work for: better pay, shorter hours, and better working conditions o Commonwealth v. Hunt: the Massachusetts Supreme Court ruled that “peaceful unions” had the right to negotiate labor contracts with employers • Problems for labor unions

o Abundant supply of cheap labor
o Courts and employers hostile to labor unions

What do you need to know about the Agricultural Northwest?
• Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin & Minnesota • Admitted to the union before 1860, under the procedure established by the Northwest Ordinance • Economy based on commercial agriculture: grain crops of corn and wheat o Served as the food supply for the industrial northeast o No slave labor

• Connection to the industrial Northeast by canals created a connection between markets o Crops from the old northwest to the northeast
o Manufactured goods from the northeast to the northwest

Why was...
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