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Topics: Thirteen Colonies, Massachusetts / Pages: 3 (655 words) / Published: Apr 20th, 2012
The Middle Colonies were the most ethnically and religiously diverse of the thirteen original colonies because of the influence of their Polish, English, Dutch, French and German origins. This influence included tolerance in religion, and resulted in New Netherland's success as the commercial center of the eastern North American colonies. This was evident by the fact that they had more agriculture than the New England colonies. In comparison to the New England and Mid-Atlantic colonies, the Middle Colonies shared similar economic success, had a deeper sense of their culture, and shared similar issues with neighboring groups of people.

The Middle Colonies were also known as the "bread basket" of the thirteen colonies because of their large grain export. It was also the mid-Atlantic colonies that expanded into other areas of commerce before the other colonies at the time. African Americans both slave and free, made up more than 15 percent of the population of the lower Hudson River.

There were many brick buildings in the Middle Colony due to the amount of clay along the riverbanks. Originally, clothing in the Middle Colonies for the most part resembled the Dutch form of dress from the south. Quakers wore neat and simple clothing as their religion taught them. Many clothes were homemade on the frontier. Flax produced linen and deerskin was used to make breeches, shirts, jackets, and moccasins. Forest products were used to make dyes. Yellow came from butternut tree bark; red came from the roots of the madder herb; blue was extracted from the flowers of indigo plants to obtain the Indigo dye; brown came from the hulls of black walnuts.

English settlers started arriving in the colonies in 1607. Two different companies would finance the expeditions for the colonist. The Virginia Company and Massachusetts Bay Company would both set up colonies in the new world. They shared their similarities and differences while setting up the colonies. They would struggle the

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