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Topics: French and Indian War, United States, American Revolutionary War Pages: 3 (910 words) Published: November 26, 2012
1763 was the year that the forever changed the relationship between the American colonies and their mother country, Great Britain. This year was not only the year when the French and Indian War finally came to an end with the Treaty of Paris 1763, but was the also the beginning of the many changes that Britain imposed on the colonies. Following the war, Britain, in an attempt to tighten its control over the colonies, and raise money, pursued new \mercantilist policies, leading to colonial resentment. The Proclamation of 1763 was issued in this year, and was the first of the long list of acts and grievances that the colonists had against Britain. 1763 was an important turning point in American history, because it was the point in which the results of the French and Indian war and underlying tensions caused the British to dramatically change their colonial policies. This sudden change in the British attitude, directly led the colonists to their first thoughts of rebellion, and was essentially the cause of the eventual American Revolution. For a long time, even before the start of the French and Indian War, France and Britain had been in war. The series of conflicts, King William’s War, Queen Anne’s War, and King George’s war were all fought between France and Britain over land in America. In the French and Indian War, the main reason behind the conflict was also land-this time, specifically over the rich Ohio River Valley. The French initially laid claims to the Ohio River Valley, but the English were expanding into that area. Another important factor in this war, were the Native Americans of that area, who lived there and wanted to establish a presence as traders there. While most Native Americans sided the French, the most powerful native group, the Iroquois Confederacy allied with the British. The beginning of the war started when the VA government sent a militia under Geroge washingotn to challenge French expansion. Washington created Fort Necessity, and...
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