Apush Essay Which Was More Important Foreign or Domestic Affairs in the 1790's That Best Shaped American Politics

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Throughout time we see how the government that we see today evolved. From the 1790’s, American politics was a reflection of the hardships and degree of work needed to maintain an effective government. Throughout this time period the leaders of America faced many domestic and foreign affairs that were key to the formation of a new nation. With the election of Washington as the first president the chain of domestic affairs that helped shape American politics began with no other events in any time period could achieve. Thus ultimately determining that domestic events were more important in the shaping of the U.S. Also the foreign affairs with the guidelines set forth against the French sparked the way in which domestic affairs where handled.

When Washington was elected Hamilton came with him. Hamilton being the first Secretary of Treasury devised a plan to get rid of the debt of the war. With this plan the debt was settled but with an increase in social tensions with the North and South. Hamilton’s other idea of a National Bank created major discontent with the people and the Political leaders. This creates a catalyst of separation between the political parties, which is the defining moment of the split political parties we see today. With this split the idea of different interpretations of the Constitution played a huge role with the Federalists taking a loose stance and the Republicans a stricter view. Because of Hamilton’s continued economic changes it sparked the Whiskey Rebellion. This gave the government a test of its ability to enforce its power. This was a great change because a few years earlier the government couldn't subdue Shays Rebellion. Later on the early domestic affairs escalated with the incoming of foreign affairs. Thus proving that without the first dealings with domestic affairs the fact of facing and oncoming threat from foreign affairs gave us an advantage/plan of action to take to fight and solve the...
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