Apush Chapter 6 Study Guide

Topics: French and Indian War, New France, Canada Pages: 3 (648 words) Published: August 26, 2013
Chapter 6 Study Guide
* Samuel de Champlain
1. Father of New France
2. Settled in Quebec in 1608
3. Befriended the Huron Indians
Helped them fight the Iroquois
Iroquois then became enemy of the French
* Louis XIV
1. Took a deep interest in overseas colonies like North America * George Washington
1. 150 militia men led by GW to secure the Ohio Valley
2. Fired on French troops outside Fort Duquesne
3. GW became surrounded and then surrendered
4. Permitted to march his men back to Virginia with the full honors of war * General Edward Braddock
1. Set out in 1755 with 2000 men to capture Fort Duquesne 2. Militia men were called “buckskins”
3. Behind the tree methods of fighting Indians won
4. Dragged heavy artillery. Was mortally wounded and lost * William Pitt
1. Great Commoner
2. Became foremost leader in the London govn.
3. “Organizer of Victory”
4. Concentrated on capturing Quebec and Montreal
5. Dispatched powerful expedition in 1758 on Louisburg and won 6. Picked Wolfe to conquer Quebec
* Antoine Cadillac
1. Founded Detroit in 1701
* Robert de La Salle
2. Floated down Mississippi river in 1682 to the point where it mingles w/ the Gulf to check Spanish penetration into the region of the Gulf of Mex. 3. Named Louisiana
* James Wolfe
1. Conquered Quebec
* Pontiac
1. Ottawa chief
2. In 1763, led several tribes aided by French traders in a violent campaign to drive the Brits out of the Ohio country 3. Blankets of smallpox were used by Brits to infect the Indians 4. Pontiac lost and died at the hands of a rival chief

* Huguenots
1. Members of the Protestant Reformed Church of France during the 16th and 17th centuries * French and Indian War
1. Was the 7 Years War
2. England&Prussia VS France, Austria, Russia, and Spain 3. France used most of its resources on European war so made it easy for England to win 4. “America...
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