Apush Ch. 9

Topics: Articles of Confederation, United States Constitution, Federalism Pages: 3 (879 words) Published: January 13, 2013
Patrick Henry has been known for his quote saying “Give me liberty, or Give me death”. He was significant because he persuaded the American people to stand up for themselves and urged the legislature to take military action. Alexander Hamilton was the leader of Federalists and the first Secretory of Treasury that established a federal bank. John Jay helped with the negotiation of the Treaty of Paris. He served in the Articles of Confederation. And he helped write the Federalist Papers. Later he became the first chief of the U.S. Supreme Court. James Madison help fight for the freedom of slaves. He helped write the Bill of Rights and became known as the Father of the Constitution. Daniel Shays was a war veteran that helped the American people get tax relief by the government. George Washington immediately became chairman due to his looks and how he won the American colonists their freedom from Britain. The Articles of Confederation made Americans more secure that they would have a smaller power than the government that was ruling them over before their independence. The articles also helped shape the states western of the Appalachian and to help the thirteen states be separated, but unite as one. Shay’s Rebellion showed the government that they weren’t being heard about their tax issues and how people were losing property. The rebellion ended up giving tax relief to the one in need of it. This also helped the government realize that a stronger central government was needed. The Federalist was mainly used as propaganda written in book form to persuade people into federalism. James Madison wrote a pat in which it states that it would be impossible to extend a republican form of government over a large territory. Antifederalists opposed the stronger the stronger federal government. They feared that a potent central government would force them to pay off their debts at a full value. They believed that the Constitution was a plan to take power from the common folk....
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