APUSH American Revolution Essay

Topics: American Revolution, Boston Tea Party, George III of the United Kingdom Pages: 4 (1124 words) Published: December 10, 2014
Rosemary An October 25, 2014
APUSH American Revolution Essay
Evaluate the political, social, and economic causes and consequences of the American Revolution.
During years 1763-1774, following the end of the French and Indian War, Britain, led by King George III, took disastrous steps to prevent Americans from rejecting British control. The cooperation between colonies led to widespread resistance, then rebellion, and lastly, to revolution. There were political, social, and economic causes and consequences of the American Revolution.

There were significant political causes of the American Revolution. Firstly, the Boston Massacre took place in 1770, in Boston, Massachusetts. Colonists constantly tormented the British troops that were sent from Britain by throwing rocks or snowballs at them or by insulting them. Finally, about 60 colonists and the British soldiers were together when a single shot was fired. The other British soldiers thought this to be a sign to shoot, and five American colonists were killed. The British soldiers were found guilty, but received a light punishment. Next, the Boston Tea Party (1773) is known to be the real trigger to the start of the American Revolution. Angered by Britain’s passing of the Tea Act, a group of about 50 colonists that belonged to the Sons of Liberty dressed as Indians and unloaded 90,000 pounds of tea into the water. Lastly, the Declaration of Independence (1776) written by Thomas Jefferson was a symbol of written proof that America was ready to become an independent nation.

The American Revolution had many political consequences. For example, the most important would be that a large scale Republic was formed, which hadn’t been seen since the Roman Empire. Also, aristocracy, which was the conservative form of government, disappeared as people dropped their titles in their names. Moreover, voting rights were changed. Originally, only white males who possessed a specific amount of land...

Bibliography: http://american94565.tripod.com/theamericanrevolution/id4.html
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