Topics: President of the United States, New Deal, Herbert Hoover Pages: 2 (306 words) Published: April 13, 2014
1.In the campaign, Roosevelt seized the opportunity to prove that he was not an invalid by vigorously campaigning. His campaign also featured an attack on Hoover’s spending (though, ironically, he would spend much more during his term).

2.In 1932, Franklin Roosevelt campaigned on the promise that as president he would attack the Great Depression by experimenting with bold new programs for economic and social reform.
3.The Democrats found expression through the airy tune “Happy Days Are Here Again,” and clearly, they had the advantage in this race due to the ruined economy.

Hoover’s Humiliation in 1932

1.Hoover had been swept into the presidential office in 1928, but in 1932, he was swept out with equal force, as he was defeated 472 to 59.
2.One striking feature of the 1932 presidential election results was that African Americans shifted from their Republican allegiance and became a vital element in the Democratic party.
3.During the lame-duck period (November 4 Election Day to March 4 Inauguration Day), Hoover tried to initiate some of Roosevelt’s plans, but was met by stubbornness and resistance.
4.In fact, “Hooverites” would later accuse FDR of letting the Depression worsen so that he could emerge as an even more shining savior.

FDR & The 3 R’s:
Relief, Recovery, & Reform

1.On Inauguration Day, FDR asserted, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”
2.He called for a nationwide bank holiday to eliminate paranoid bank withdrawals, and then he commenced with his stated New Deal goal of the Three R’s: RELIEF, RECOVERY, REFORM.
3.The Democratic-controlled Congress was willing to do as FDR said, and the first “Hundred Days” of FDR’s administration (the first 3 months) were filled with more legislative activity than any Congress before it. 1.Many of these New Deal reforms had already been adopted by European nations a decade before as they were already going through their own great depression....
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