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Chapter 7, Outline Essay #1
Discuss the rise of political parties in the United States. Did the Constitution provide for political parties? If not, when and why did the two parties develop? Who led and supported each party? Thesis:The rise of the political parties in the United states rose when the Federalist Period of 1789-1800 occurred during George Washington and John Adams’ presidency from the controversial federal policies of Alexander Hamilton. The Constitution did not provide for the political parties. This basically led to the spilt of the country. The Federalist (loose) side was led by Hamilton and the Republican (strict) by Jefferson and Madison.

I. Rise of the Political Parties and the Constitution
a. The political parties were formed during the Federalist Period between 1789-1800, during Washington’s and Adam’s presidency. b. The political party formation began from the federal policies from Hamilton, whom many feared b/c it could possibly reward special interests. Those who feared this belief became “Republicans”

His most controversial police was that of creating the National Bank. 1. Republicans believed it was unconstitutional and fostered their belief in a strict interpretation of the constitution, stating that if it is not in the constitution, it is not legal. 2. Federalists believed that they should not predict the future on behalf of what is currently going on  no constitution needed for anything to be legal. It is loosely interpreted on decision making. A) This is called the “necessary and proper” clause in the US Constitution. II. The Constitution did not have political parties

a. Washington stated to avoid fractions which is known as partisanship and or political parties (Farewell Address) III. Federalism
a. Alexander Hamilton was the leader on behalf of this group. Federalist states were the Northern states who were merchants and sailors that liked Hamilton’s ideas to gain economic and self-interest. IV. Republicans

a. Leader: Thomas Jefferson and James Madison
States who supported were southern states such as Kentucky, VA, and Maryland. V. The states that supported the southern states (republicans) who were agricultural farmers of tobacco and cotton, who valued their state rights compared to the government.

Caroline Santos
Period 2B
AP U.S History

Chapter 7, Outline Essay #2
Discuss the economic and financial programs of Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton. What did they accomplish? How and why did his programs politically divide Americans? Thesis:Secretary of Treasury Alexander Hamilton also called the Federalist Period, who was also known as the Federalists. He created programs which were economical and financial programs to help fix America. This affected the programs such as on his report on the Public Credit, manufacturing and creating a national Banks, among the political involved citizens.

I. Economic Financial programs
a. Report on the Public Credit
It listed recommendations that would raise money for America. 1. Federally “fund” the natl. debt by selling securities – federal stock or western land. 2. Pay off states debt w/ the money from 1, then accumulate interest and collect custom duties on imports and exercise tax on domestic products transported w/in a nation on whiskey Whiskey rebellion: increased the grief of farmers, since they were already unable to ship through New Orleans. 3. Keep paying interest to people wished to hold bonds as an investment. a. Impact:

Resented by people southern states bc it rewarded rich profiteers while ignoring the wartime sacrifices of soldiers and others. a) Southern states b/c they paid off more of their debts compared to northern states. 4. Relocated the capital to VA

Advocated growth of industry
Wanted efficiently run factories w/ few mangers and large number of workers Believed that capital and managerial discipline were the best...
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