Appropriate Utilization of Human Resource

Topics: Quetta, Balochistan, Public sector Pages: 55 (14376 words) Published: January 23, 2011

Quetta City (The Provincial Capital) An Overview of the Job Market Several thousand engineers, doctors, graduates and post-graduates are regularly coming out of universities and colleges in Balochistan and flooding the province's job market. But few can hope for decent jobs compatible with their qualifications. The main reason is the province's economic backwardness and a practically non-existent industrial base or development infrastructure. The provincial government has been in a state of perennial financial crisis for the past many years. It has never implemented its annual development programmes (ADP) for want of resources. The inflow of foreign funds or direct foreign investment is almost zero in Balochistan. Interestingly, debt servicing costs Balochistan around Rs6 billion, draining its resources further at the cost of economic development. The non-development expenditure is around Rs20 billion and the development outlay is around Rs8.5 billion. There are two main universities in Balochistan, the University of Balochistan and the University of Engineering and Technology, Khuzdar, besides the Bolan Media College. All the three premier educational institutions are producing around 2,000 qualified post-graduates and graduates in different fields and trades every year. There are scores of private colleges also producing graduates and technocrats, increasing the army of the jobless. Government departments, both provincial and federal, have 4,000 temporary vacancies in the Gwadar Port, Coastal Highway and other projects which are lying vacant. Though at present the constitutional job quota of Balochistan is fixed at 6.5 per cent, but it was not practically implemented in the federal services and autonomous bodies and Balochistan was still getting jobs on the basis previously determined 3.5 per cent quota on the basis of population census. The state of joblessness can gauged from the recently advertised 25 post in grades1 to 11in public sector department for which more than 1,600 candidates applied. In another case, for five posts, more than 6,000 candidates applied. The provincial government is operating an employment cell in the service and general administration department where all applications for jobs addressed to the president, prime minister, governor and chief minister are referred for further processing. Thousands of applicantions are yet to be processed for placing them in any suitable positions and very striking story has been reported that an M.A (post gradute)applicat even applied for the position of sweeper (scale 1) in Noshki. The situation is even worse for those manual workers seeking daily labour and this pathetic situation can be observed at the main inter-section of Quetta city-Mizan Chowk, and heart rendering situation becomes unbearable with the inception of winter where construction and development works are suspended.Thus, jobs are available only on seasonal basis and only in summer. Doctors and engineers comprise the most qualified pool of unemployed youth. According to President of the Unemployed Doctors Association, 1,300 doctors are without jobs.The process for recruitment is lengthy.and the filling vacancies after the promotion of senior doctors by promoting junior doctors.According to government figures, there is only one doctor for over 2,200 people in Balochistan. "It is confirmed that posts of 800 doctors are vacant at the moment. The situation is equally pinching for qualified but jobless engineers. There are around 3,000 jobless engineers in Balochistan of different categories. "The number of jobless engineers is increasing every year. The Khuzdar University of Engineering and Technology and the Agriculture University are producing around 150 to 160 engineers every year. Scores of local jobless engineers have been protesting for many years in Dera Bugti against the practice of the owners of the Sui gas wells and plant to give jobs...
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