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Have you seen the movie the karate kid?
In that movie Jackie Chan took the small kid with him to the temple so that he gains some wisdom. While they were in the temple the kid saw a man imitating the moves of a cobra exactly.

The kid asked Jackie Chan why the man imitates the cobra and Jackie Chan replied saying that the Cobra is the one imitating the man because he has reached a very advanced level of mental control that allows him to control animals!!

So you might be wondering, what does this has to do with the right way to approaching a girl, a guy or anyone else?

Read this article to know the connection.
Controlling people is the right way to approach them!!

Yesterday i approached a complete stranger to ask her about something. In the beginning i had a big smile on my face but she didn't smile back. I asked another question with another big smile on my face and only then she responded with a smile.

Few seconds later i stopped smiling and asked a question in a cold way and in the same fraction of the second the smile disappeared from her face. Now i smiled again one final time and this complete stranger smiled back while talking.

So what was i doing exactly? I was trying to prove that the way people respond to you when you approach them is extreemly dependent on the way you act while approaching them. (see How to approach strangers)

The girl smiled because i smiled and stopped smiling when i stopped. Isn't this the same kind of mental control the guy was doing to the snake?. The right way to approach anyone

Why do you think the girl was responding that way?
Most people want approval. When you approach them while showing them that you are interested in them they will usually feel comfortable around you and as a result they will respond positively to you. (see How to communicate properly with other people)

Now if you did the exact opposite, for example approached someone without being friendly, then he wont feel...
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