Approaches to Study Organizational Behavior and Max Weber's Contribution

Topics: Max Weber, Bureaucracy, Hierarchy, Sociology, Organization, Management / Pages: 3 (616 words) / Published: Aug 20th, 2013
Organizational Behavior deals with the study and application of knowledge of human behavior within an organization. There are various approaches to study these organizational behaviors:
1. Interdisciplinary Approach - This study approach integrates varied disciplines like social sciences and various disciplines that can contribute to the Organizational Behavior. It draws ideas that will improve the relationships between people and organization from these disciplines. Organizations must have people and their ideas working toward goals designed by the organizations, so it is desirable to treat the two as a working unit.
2. Scientific Management Approach - The fundamental concern of the scientific management is to increase the efficiency of the worker basically through good job design and appropriate training of the workers. This approach advocates that efficiency can be attained by finding the right methods to get the job done, through specialization on the job, planning and scheduling, using standard operating mechanisms, establishing standard times to do the job and proper selection and training of employees.
3. Human Resources Approach - It is developmental approach concerned with the growth and development of people toward higher levels of competency creativity and fulfillment, because people are the central resource in any organizations and any society. It helps people grow in self-control and responsibility and then it tries to create a climate in which all employees may contribute to the limits of their improved abilities.

4. Contingency Approach - Each situation much be analyzed carefully to determine the significant variables that exist in order to establish the kinds of practices that will be more effective. Contingency approach directs that several aspects of external and internal environment govern the structure of the organization and the process of management.
5. Systems Approach - This approach implies the study that organization consists of

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