Approaches to Decision Making Paper

Topics: Decision making, Group decision making, Decision theory Pages: 2 (580 words) Published: June 6, 2012
Approaches to decision making paper


Approaches to decision making paper
I chose scenario 2 as a subject of my paper. Nursing home need to follow specific guidelines of cleanness to prevent the spread of several infections. Nursing homes care for elderly people whose immune system may be weak to fight infection like younger generation. In the scenario given, administrators of the nursing home has noticed increasing rates of infection at the nursing home which can lead to chronic complications for patients, also the nursing home may obtain fines for violation of the code of health department. Nursing administrators has decided to meet urgently in order to discuss possible ways that need to be implemented to reduce infections at the facility. In my opinion, the infection control officer should start by searching for the elements causing the spread of infections. Although, this will be a challenging task that needs to go through detailed researches; however, it need to be accomplished in order to resolve the facility’s issue. The facility’s administrators might need to recruit another infection control officer in a goal of protecting the whole building. Nursing home can be scary places to some people. Potential resident may feel sad and embarrassed by illnesses that made them incapable of caring for themselves. Administrators have to hire employees who understand the state of mind of the patients; and most importantly love the residents, have fun with them, joke around, and make them feel they are important people. Administrators need to make sure that all patients are receiving the care they need, and the quality time they deserve. They have to make sure that all staff is perfecting their job, offering medications at the right time, and medical attention to patients who require it. These kinds of decisions are better made in a group rather than by an individual for many reasons. A group decision has the ability to be more...

References: Miner, F. C. (1984). Group versus individual decision making: An investigation of performance measures, decision strategies, and process losses/gains. Organizational Behavior and Human Performance, 33, 112–124.
Meinert, D. (2011). Hrmagazine, 56(10), 50. Retrieved from
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