Approaches in Sociology

Topics: Sociology, Functionalism, Conflict theory Pages: 2 (623 words) Published: July 2, 2013
* 1. Major TheoreticalPerspectives in Sociology GS 138:Introduction to Sociology New Life Theological Seminary Seth Allen * 2. What is a theoretical perspective?Theoretical perspectives are the basic assumptions about how society functions, the role of sociology, and the application of a specific set theories in studying social life. * Sociology should be value free Sociology should be used to enact social change Social life can be measured through observing daily interactions Society is composed of groups competing for scare resources Society is a unified whole that seeks equilibrium3. Examples of these basic assumptions: * 4. Why Should I Care about Theory? Explanation from the Dalton Conley (Link): * Symbolic Interactionism-Society is essentially a set of daily interactions that are guided by symbols Conflict –society is the competition of a few groups of people for scarce resources Structural Functionalism-society is an organic being of interrelated parts that work together in harmony5. Three Major Perspectives * 6. Three Perspectives Visualized Believes that sociology Macro orPerspective Major Tenets should enact Micro Focus: social change: Society is an Structural organic whole No MacroFunctionalism of stable parts Society is a set of groups Conflict competing for Yes Macro power and resources Society is the sum of daily Symbolic interactions No MicroInteractionism guided by symbols * 7. Structural Functionalism•Popularized by Americansociologist Talcott Parsons inthe 1940’s•Society is a stablearrangement of parts that fittogether•Social is glued together byshared values Talcott Parsons,1902-1979•Each part contributes to theoverall function•Macro-level focus * 8. Structural Functionalism Visualized Religion Judicial Education System Society The Family * 9. Real World Application: Functionalist Perspective and MarriageThe traditional family structure inwhich the husband was abreadwinner and the wifetended children and didhousework...
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