Approaches in Psychology

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Approaches in Psychology

There are about eight approaches in psychology.
1. Developmental Psychology
2. industrial psychology
3. child psychology
4. educational psychology
5. cognitive psychology
6. social psychology
7. abnormal psychology
8. clinical psychology
9. Counseling
10. Psychology Of Individual Difference

What is Developmental Psychology?
Developmental psychology is a field of psychology that examines the impact of maturational processes and experience on behavior.
We can also describe the definition of developmental psychology as “It is the study in which behavior develop and change during a life span. Special areas of interest include the development of language, social attachments, emotions, thinking and perception”

More In Developmental Psychology:
Developmental psychology is the scientific study of age-related changes throughout the human life span. A discipline of scientific inquiry, developmental psychology recognizes humans of all societies and cultures as beings who are “in process,” or constantly growing and changing. This discipline identifies the biological, psychological, and social aspects that interact to influence the growing human life-span process. Beginning with Sigmund Freud (1856–1939) and Jean Piaget (1896–1980), the early focus of developmental psychology was on child development, or the maturation of children. Within the last 25 years, developmentalists—researchers who study human development—expanded their focus to include the study of the physical, motor, cognitive, intellectual, emotional, personality, social, and moral changes that occur throughout all stages of the life span. In it’s special areas of interest language development, emotions, perceptions and thinking are included. When a baby born, he’s totally unaware about the words his mom, dad and people attached with him say. The baby needs to develop his mind to learn the language. He always tries to copy the people of his surrounding to learn language. But the question is that why the animals can’t learn language? There’s a special device or you can say that there’re special cells in the brain of a baby and has the specific period by which baby learns the language and this type of thing is not available in the minds of animals. The development of emotions and thinking are also based upon the development of mind and language. When a baby learn the language he also try to act and shows emotions like hunger, pain and something like that.

2- Industrial Psychology:
What is Industrial Psychology?
Industrial and Organizational Psychology is a specialist
area that applies psychological knowledge and skills to
work, with the aim of improving organizational
effectiveness and the quality of work life.
More In Industrial Psychology:
Psychologists in this field advise businesses and organizations on a variety of subjects: the selection and training of workers; how to promote efficient working conditions and techniques; how to boost employee morale, productivity, and job satisfaction; and the best ways to evaluate employee performance and create incentives that motivate workers. I-O psychology first became prominent during World War II (1939-1945), when it became necessary to recruit and train the large number of new workers who were needed to meet the expanding demands of industry.

The selection of workers for particular jobs is essentially a problem of discovering the special aptitudes and personality characteristics needed for the job and of devising tests to determine whether candidates have such aptitudes and characteristics. The development of tests of this kind has long been a field of psychological research.

Once the worker is on the job and has been trained, the fundamental aim of the I-O psychologist is to find ways in which a particular job can best be accomplished with a minimum of effort and a maximum of individual satisfaction. The psychologist's function, therefore,...
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