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Topics: Prison, 18th century, The Prisoner Pages: 2 (466 words) Published: May 28, 2013
Incarceron by Catherine Fisher tells the story of Finn, a prisoner in the inescapable prison of Incarceron. Determined to be free of the dank, dark, prison cells, he meets Claudia, the daughter of the warden of Incarceron, who lives in The Realm, a futuristic world where people are forced to act as if they lived in the 18th century. They work together, along with some help from his friends, to uncover the secrets of Incarceron, and foil the vile Queen Sia’s plans of domination.

Finn: dauntless, altruistic, driven beyond belief, staunch
Claudia: tenacious, pugnacious, intellectual, witty
The Warden: enigmatic, controlling, caustic, well-mannered
Queen Sia: wicked, aloof, power- hungry, demeaning
1.Incarceron is set in a futuristic world where time as “stopped”. Although there is accesses to advanced technologies, due to a royal decree everyone must act as if they are living in the 18th century. Describe your life and what feelings you’d harbor if you were forced to live in the 18th century. 2.Throughout the book, some people of Incarceron hold on the belief of Sapphique, the only man to allegedly escape Incarceron. Why do you think the prisoners believe in a story that could be fiction? 3.Finn, the protagonist, of the story, has no memory of his life outside of Incarceron. Coincidently years before Finn woke up in Incarceron, the crown prince, Giles, dies in a mysterious accident. Describe your theory on the connection between Prince Giles and Finn. Support your answer with details from the novel.

From Chapter 8, page 97:
King Endor’s: “The Years of Rage are ended and nothing can be the same. The war has hollowed the moon and stilled the tides. We must find a simpler way of life. We must retreat into the past, everyone and everything, in its place, in order. Freedom is a small price to pay for survival.”

During King Endor’s reign the world was very chaotic. Imagine the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina but the entire world. I believe this...
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