Topics: Apprenticeship, Training, Doctorate Pages: 2 (727 words) Published: November 14, 2013
Apprenticeship- An excellent way to improve your skills
Apprentice is a person who works and obtains training from other organization or company in order to develop their skills and talents. So, they can participate in apprenticeship in order to increase their skills. Apprenticeships are the trainings which are provided to all the people who want to develop their skills. These apprenticeship programs combine classroom training with practical training. In apprenticeship, an apprentice receives knowledge which serves him for the rest of his life. After taking such trainings they are capable of doing work in any organization so why these apprenticeship courses are done. Due to these courses a person gets a deep knowledge in the particular subject in which he or she wants to make their carrier. When you reach at the age of 16, you normally face confusion between array of choices, such as whether to go to college or to go for a particular certification course. So, if you want to do both learn and earn then you can go for the apprenticeship courses. There are many apprenticeship courses available in the market. This is the way when you can improve your skills and also get payment for this. If you go for the higher classes then at the age of 18, you may again face the problem of whether to apply for university or start the search for employment. So, now again you have to take some decisions because apprenticeship courses provides knowledge to you but they don’t provide degree courses. So, you should go for colleges but in addition to this you can do many other courses also. Whatever decision you take all have some pros and cons. If we talk about a person who has passed his college and now he or she is searching for the job. For example when we normally talk about an information technology’s student then there is a great demand of an experienced software engineer in the market but experienced software engineer means that he or she should have a deep and practical...
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