Appreciate Life, Spread Goodwill and Sprinkle Sunshine

Topics: Zsa Zsa Gabor, Appreciation, Investment Pages: 4 (1340 words) Published: June 10, 2012
APPRECIATION! A simple 12 letter word can be a great expression of gratitude, when used timely and wisely. Too many things and people in our lives are taken for granted. As we grow older and put the pieces of our meandering lives together, we sometimes tend to overlook the underlying importance of certain things and certain people in our lives who have contributed in shaping us into the person we are.

But in our chaotic life style now a days, people will tend to forget about the importance of the help of others and become less gratitude to others. At times, simple and small nice words do wonders than big incentives, monetary or otherwise. Just a simple action to show a token of appreciation to others would be very difficult for our proud citizens these days. There are some relatively simple things that we often take for granted, they have very major effects.

Who? What? When? Where? Why?
Appreciate our parents who brought us to this world, our teacher who taught us in schools, friends and family members who care and support us, or even the gardener who helps you to decorate your garden and house surroundings! Not only peoples, the little things u see everyday! Appreciate the food that you eat, because you never know how many human beings are starving and suffering outside there. Appreciate the sunshine. Appreciate the relationship that you are in, you never know how many people are dying to have that relationship of yours. Appreciate the air that you breathe. Appreciate the house that you live in, you never know how many children are homeless out there, desperate to have a home. Appreciate every smile that you see, whether it is directed at you or not. Appreciate every child's laugh and every moment of silence. Appreciate standing in line at the store and sitting in traffic, because you have been blessed to have such an opportunity.Appreciate every nanosecond of every moment, because the only thing that really exists is this moment, and if this moment is...
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