Appraising the Secretaries at City U

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 HRM Chapter Nine – Individual Assignment

Application Case: Appraising the Secretaries at City U

1 Do you think that the experts' recommendations will be sufficient to get most of the administrators to fill out the rating forms properly? Why? Why not? What additional actions (if any) do you think will be necessary? While controversial, the recommendations would, in fact, encourage administrators to fill the forms out correctly. Using the more detailed form and not tying the performance ratings to salary increases would allow the managers to feel more free about rating the secretaries accurately. There would, however, need to be some strong training sessions (both for administrators and secretaries) to help them understand the new system. Since all secretaries have traditionally received the same salary increases, and have been pleased with that, it would be advisable to consider lowering the maximum increase to an amount that could be given to all secretaries while staying within budget. Then all secretaries with a satisfactory rating or better would receive that increase.

The experts recommended several things:
1. Change the form used to rate the secretaries and use a more clear and specific form : a sample graphic rating form. It is the most popular method that lists traits and performance values for each trait. The administrator then has to check the score that best describes the performance for each trait. 2. The VP should not force the administrators to rate at least half their secretaries as something less than excellent. 3. The appraisal should not be linked to salary increases. Salary increases should be made on another basis than the performance appraisal.

If the form used to rate the secretaries is changed, administrators will need an explanation and a training to fill in the new form. They must be familiar with the techniques and the new form. They also need to understand and avoid problems related to appraisals. (Dessler &...

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