Appraising the Secretaries

Topics: Epistemology, Theory of Forms, Emotion Pages: 1 (275 words) Published: April 13, 2013
1. Do you think the experts recommendations will be sufficient to get the most of the administrators to fill out the rating forms properly? Why? Why not? What additional actions (if any) do you think would be necessary? The recommendations would have the administrators to fill out the forms out correctly, using the more detailed form and not tying the performance ratings to salary increases would allow the managers to feel more able to rate the secretaries accurately. But I think there should be a new training session (both for administrators and secretaries) to help them understand the new system. Since all secretaries in the past received the same salary increases it would be best to lower the maximum increase to an amount that could be given only to the secretaries with an above good rating or better.

2. Do you think that vice president Winchester would be better off dropping graphic rating forms substituting instead one of the other techniques discussed in the chapter, such as a ranking method? Why? Other appraisal systems could be used but we already know from reading the case the upset that resulted in picketing so I don’t think it should be dropped all together, just used more efficiently. With any change in business money is involved so first it must be considered if it is in the budget.

3. What performance appraisal system would you develop for the secretaries if you were Rob Winchester? Defend your answer. Since technology is so popular in business I would use computerized appraisal method because I think that leaves out the human emotional element and is just based on technology performance.
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