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Appraisal Form

For support staff
(on Clerical and Certain Related Administrative, and Technical Grades, and Computer Operators)

Full Name:

Job Title and Department:

Name of Appraiser:

Job Title of Appraiser:

Head of Department:

Please use the spaces provided to give the information requested. You may append additional documentation if this reduces the need to transcribe details, but please make sure that appropriate references to this material are made in the corresponding sections of this document. The section headings, and the details of information requested, are given for your guidance. If you wish to present information in another format, please do so.

Please refer to the Notes of Guidance which accompany this form before starting to complete it.

PART A : To be completed by the Appraisee
PART B : To be completed by the Appraiser
PART C : To be completed during the Appraisal Interview

PART A: Appraisee’s Self-Evaluation

The Job
Please attach your up-to-date job description.

What you have done
How well did you achieve last year’s goals?

Overall what do you feel have been your successes in the last year? For example: Have you accomplished any new tasks or projects? Have you acquired or improved any job-related skills?

How you did it
What do you do well?

What aspects of your job could you do better?

What would/could help you to improve (including any help/support from your line-manager or any training and development)?

How effective was any training or development you received?

What next?
Do you see yourself or your role developing in the next year? If so how?

Are there any training and development implications?

PART B: Evaluation by Appraiser

Appraiser's Performance Assessment
Please comment on the following areas of work. Please recognise good and excellent work, but also indicate any areas needing development

(i)Quality of Work


(iii)Use of Initiative

(iv)Team Skills

(v)Customer Care Skills

(vi)Training Skills (if applicable)

(vii)Supervisory Skills (if applicable)

Review of last year
Please add any comments about the achievement of last year’s goals.

How effective do you think any training and development has been? What improvements have you noticed?

(If appropriate please send a copy of this section to the Head of Staff Development)

Recording success
Are there any areas, tasks or projects that the appraisee has undertaken particularly well? If Yes please give brief details:

Planning improvements
Are there any areas of work currently requiring support, training, guidance or clarification? If Yes please give brief details:

What could be done to improve (further)? (Possibilities include: attending a course, job shadowing, working collaboratively with a more experienced colleague, being coached through a new task or project, earmarking time to update knowledge.)

The future
How do you see the job and/or the jobholder developing over the next year?

CONFIDENTIAL: Support staff appraisal

Section C: Agreed goals and outcomes (please copy this page to the Head of Staff Development)

|Agreed goals for the year ahead. | | | | | | | | |...
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