Appologigue Analysis

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Elis is the of the wall magazine in our school in every two once a week. She takes a script from every class. When she takes fro m eight grades there is a caricature script about Mr. Trisno the teacher of “carate”. In the last listen going home from they school, Bella, Elis, Cipin, Cupin, are a walking together suddenly.
Mr. Trisno : “Hr… Who is drawing like this!”
Bella : (Vacant) “What happen with Mr. Trisno?”
Mr. Trisno : “Who … Who is drawing!!” (With expression very angry)
Bella : (with whisper to Elis) Eh… actually the maker of the caricature is me.”
Elis : “He… Don’t make kidding with this teacher.”
Bella : “Who’s the wrong, he always insult me.”
Elis : “Don’t like that he is your teacher you may not do like it.”
Bella :...

If he angry he seems like a monkey.”
Bella : “I know. I know me afraid too but I have to clone it to make enjoy my feeling.”
Elis : “Yeah know you make enjoy but in the future you file a being problem.”
Bella : “By the way there is way but in every problem.”
Elis : “OK!! We can her it.”
Tomorrow morning. They she a floor magazine is broken.
Cipin : “(with run to Elis and Bella) “Is dangerous.”
Elis : (front wonder) “What happened?”
Cipin : “Magazine. Wall magazine!”
Bella : “Wall of magazine is...

Trisno (with face sad)
Bella : “So, now is my mistake (with wajah alas)
Tet …………….. Tet …………... tet ………….
Elis : “Bel, when we asking apologize to Mr. trisno.”
Bella : “Mm… I don’t know. How ??”
Elis : “OK. Tomorrow at break we asking apologize to Mr. Trisno.”
Bella : “I afraid my friend (with afraid expresion)
Elis : “Never mind. There is me.”
Bella : “You are is my friend ship” (with smile)
Elis : “Thank you.”
Bella : “You are welcome (with happy)
Cipin : “He… comes on go home.”
Elis and Bella: “Come on (with take a walk together)
Mail : “Cupin, good morning” (with take walk toward Cupin)
Cupin : “Good morning.”
Mail : “How are you my best friend?”
Cupin : “I am fine thanks you and you??”
Mail : “I am very wall thank you.”
Cupin : “What are you doing now?”
Mail : “I am studying, because tomorrow there is examination.”
Cupin : “Ohh … What examination?”
Mail : “Mathematics.”
Cupin : “Mathematics is very difficult.”
Mail : “Oh.. Yes.”
Elis dan Bella: “come on.”
Elis : “Mail, Cupin! What are you doing?’’
Mail : “Oh … I’m studying now.”
Bella : “What study?”
Mail : “Mathematics.”
Elis : “Is there is examination.”
Mail : “Yes, later.”
Bella : “Elis, Cupin, Mail come on goes to Canteen.”
E, C, M : “Come...
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