Applying Psychology Perspectives

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Applying Psychology Perspectives: Bill Case Study

General Psychology

Applying Psychological Perspective
Bill a 45 year old suffering from depression who has recently lost his job and had difficulty keeping friendships can apply each of the psychological perspective to help better himself or to help explain his behavior. The psychology angle perspectives taken together these perspectives underscore the complex of behavior.

Behavioristic Perspective
Behaviorism perspective, developed by Watson and Skinner is learned behavior that is associated with a specific stimulus, behavioral views explains what and why we are doing what we are doing. Bill not only lost his job but connection, with his friends plus has a hard time maintaining friendships. He believes there is no use in trying to find a job or meet new people because the outcome seems to always be failure drinking seems to form an escape from Bills problem only seems seemly that he turned to alcohol. Cognitive Perspective

Cognitive perspective behavior product of thoughts and interpretations focuses on thought processing of information and how that influences behavior. Bill may have had negative memories concerning his childhood and low esteem and views himself with little self worth. Biological/Physiological

Biological/Physiological perspective examines what physically is going on in the body. Bill is depressed he may experience weight gain or loss, weakened immune system, and liver damage which can all be attributed to drinking.

Psychodynamic Perspective
Psychodynamic Perspective a concept by Freud which focuses on a internal, unconscious mental processes, motives and desires. In an in-depth analysis of Bills life his behavior could be influenced by a childhood with inattentive parents or an alcoholic parent.

Sociocultural Perspective
Sociocultual perspective examines the branch of psychology that studies how we think and behave in social...

References: Pastorino, E., & Portillo, S. (2006). What is psychology?. Australia: Wadsworth/Thomson Learning
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