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Research Methods in Psychology

PSY 540
September 9, 2013

Research Methods in Psychology
Descriptive statistics give us a way to sum up and express our data but do not allow one to make a judgment related to ones theory. When delivering a test of diversity there are two primary techniques of sum up the data using descriptive statistics. The primary direction to measure the central tendency for two conditions (mean, median or mode.) The second technique to show date is to calculate and measure dispersion; these measurements will show the extent of a data set. Dispersion can also be measured by calculating the range. The range difference is show in a set of scores by the order of the smallest to the largest. Although it can be hard to measure dispersion because any one low scale or high scale score may distort data. Another good way to measure dispersion is the standard deviation; this will tell one haw many on average scores are different than the mean. When considering inferential and descriptive statistics one must consider a population, meaning a sample from a population. The variance connection for these types of statistics inferential and descriptive statistics is what these statistics do with a sample: Inferential statistics targets to explain decisions about the population from a current sample. For instance, inferential statistics might try to infer According to "Answers" (2013), “ the achievement level of a drug in treating high temperature, by taking a sample of patients, giving them the drug, and estimating the rate of effectiveness in the population using the rate of effectiveness in the sample” (What are the differences between descriptive and inferential statistics?). Descriptive statistics goal is for example: if one views a baseball team’s scores each game over a certain time and over a one year period. This assists to calculate the common score or variance. This also defines the statistical summary for...

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