Applied Psychology in everyday life

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Application Essay

Of the many developmental theories, I would like to describe and explain two theories, Cognitive theory and Behaviorism. The main concepts of cognitive theory focuses on the developmental process of thinking and how this process affects our actions, attitudes, beliefs and assumptions through a life span. J Piaget, a proponent of cognitive theory, developed a general thesis of cognitive theory; he divided the developmental process of thinking into four stages. He said “the way people think changes with age as their brains mature and their experiences challenge their past assumptions” (Griggs 3rd edition, 2013)”. In my opinion, we use and apply the main concepts of the cognitive theory in everyday life, such as family relationships, friendships, partnerships, and work relationships. I personally believe, I would never succeed as a person, partner, student, or later as a nurse without the main concepts of cognitive theory. A cognitive theory example from my own personal experience and subsequently how my experiences challenged my past assumptions. As a kid, I met very few children in special needs, it was a huge stigma in the culture that I come from, where special needs children are not talked about nor are they accepted easily. During my childhood, the very few times I came across one, I never understood them and they never wanted to play with me, or my friends. Because of these experiences I assumed, and believed that kids in special needs were stupid, useless and a waste of time. After I graduated High School, I really started to think about the next steps in my life. I did not know what I wanted to do, and I did not have the required education to start a new job. Therefore, I enrolled in a college with a major in nursing. During my studies, I met many adults and kids in special needs. They were different and “special” but they were definitely not stupid or a waste of time. After I got to know them and tried to understand their process...

References: R Griggs. Psychology: A Consice Introuduction. 3rd edition, 2013
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