Applied Psychology

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Applied psychology

Liza Knepper


The many different areas of applied psychology are found in every aspect of our lives from home to work; from our families to our friends it’s on the city street and in the red barn on the farm. Applied psychology has played a major role in our lives and is very important to the understanding of all psychology from the way we work to the way we sleep and is a large part of everything.

Understand Our World of Applied psychology
A.A little History
B.What is Psychology
C.Why is Applied psychology Important in our Overall Life
D.Psychology Research Methods
2.Correlational studies
3.Longitudinal research
E.Understanding research methodology
1.What is Academic Psychology
2.What is basic research
3.What is Applied Psychology
F.Applied Research vs. Basic Research
1.Experimental vs. Correlation vs. Longitudinal

G.Other Areas of Applied Psychology
1.Forensic psychology
2.Clinical psychology
3.Environmental psychology
4.Sports psychology
5.School psychology
6.Developmental Psychology
7.Cognitive Psychology
8.Industrial/ organization psychology

F.My conclusion to my understanding of Applied Psycholog

Applied Psychology

A little History
Researcher Wilhelm Wundt is considered the father of psychology pursuing the knowledge to understand and explain our mind, emotion and actions in 1879 in Germany with the first psychology lab. Dr. Wundt’s interests was in the structure that composes the mind by analysis’s with the use of introspection, he studied the feelings and sensations of humans, believing that with proper training the individual could correctly identify theses mental processes. Psychology has been a subject pondered as far back as Socrates and Aristotle. There are many different schools of thought formed, such thoughts are perceived as opposing forces referred to as perspectives contributing to the way we understand psychology. Some important schools of thought are Behaviorism, Cognitivism, Psychoanalysis, , Functionalism, Humanism, Structuralism. (Cherry, What is Psychology?, n.y) What is Psychology

The term psychology means 'soul' or 'mind' comes from the Greek word psyche. Psychology developed from biology and philosophy is a combination of the academic and applied fields that researches the human brain and why it behaves in the manor it does. Applied psychology is the results of experiments and studies in many different fields psychology focusing on the different psychological principles to resolve real world problems.  

Why is applied psychology Important in our overall life

So you’re thinking what does this have to do with me? These studies can have many different effects on your everyday life. Things like getting motivated, no matter what the goal is through understanding cognitive psychology you can become motivated while studying cognitions and, thought processes of human brain areas such as perception, , decision-making, solving- problem, memory language acquisition, , and attention. If you wanted to improve your leadership skills you might want to consider social psychology, studying the social influence, perception and social interaction, prejudice and aggression. Studying diverse subjects such as, how we behavior in groups, leadership roles, how we respond with nonverbal behavior, and how we toeing the line. (Cherry, What is Psychology?, n.y) Understanding Social psychology can help get a hold on your leadership skills along with becoming a better communicator with better eye contact, by understanding nonverbal signals in orders to help others understand your message, Learn to be better understanding of other by understand your own and others emotions, improving our memory, maker better choices with your finances, love life, making more accurate decisions, Through the study of health psychology we can become healthier with useful...
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