Applied Behavior Analysis Autism

Topics: Behaviorism, Applied behavior analysis, Operant conditioning, Behavior, Reinforcement, Psychology / Pages: 7 (1503 words) / Published: Apr 10th, 2017
Much has been studied on Autism. While doing research this reader viewed articles on behavior, coping skills, children’s development (including social skills) and therapies relating to Autism. Evidence behind Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapy suggests that starting children early in a therapy setting gives them a better chance at a more “normal” life.
Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is defined by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) as a developmental disability that is characterized by “social, communication, and behavioral challenges” (Centers of Disease and Protection [CDC], 2015). ASD limits the individual’s ability to communicate verbally and nonverbally, ability to learn how to give and receive information from others, to tolerate
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Unfortunately, few are truly effective in the long run for the majority of individuals and no cure have been found. Applied Behavior Analysis {ABA} is an intervention model that uses behavioral treatment approaches to provide intensive therapy in the form of specific training techniques. This skill uses reinforcements rewards which may be verbal or tangible. (Stillman, 2007) This increases the chance that a person will act that way again in the future. ABA has become a widely-accepted form of treatment for ASD with a robust half century of sound research documenting its efficacy at managing ASD symptoms (Berquist & Charlop, 2014).
Applied Behavior Analysis uses an approach which seems to stem from the Operant Conditioning Theory. The Operant Conditioning Theory states that “behavior is learned as it is strengthen or weakened by the reinforcements (rewards or punishments) it receives, or in other words by the consequence of the behavior.” (Hutchison, 49) For example we use positive reinforcers such as smiles or praise in our daily lives. A negative reinforcer would be to do your chore so you will not be
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They are both very important to the concept of Autism and advocating for the children I have been speaking of in this paper.
Every person is unique and worthwhile. Autism is considered a disability. Like people with any disability they should be treated with respect and dignity. Disabled people are no less human than you and I they just need a little more help and guidance to survive in this harsh world. They are worth it.
It is so important to uphold equal rights, protection, opportunity and social benefits to everyone. Everyone is equal. No matter race, religion, color, ability or disability. This writer has found that in this time where people don’t want to care and just want to treat your disabled child like a number it is important to advocate and never stop. Everyone deserves an equal chance. If there is something out there that may help you must advocate and fight for it otherwise they will not give it to you. You must fight for your social justice.

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