Applied Assignment: Self-Managed Work Teams

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Teams can be classified based on their objectives. Identify and discuss the four most common forms of work teams. Give an example of each and what they do

Problem solving teams:
This type of team is composed of five to twelve employees. They meet weekly to focus on improvement, whether it is in quality, efficiency, or the work environment. An example of this could be all department heads in a firm that meet on a weekly basis to exchange ideas on how to improve productivity. However, they only make suggestions to the higher-ups, who will then be the one to implement their ideas. Self-Managed work teams:

A self-managed team is a group of employees that take the responsibility of a supervisor. Different from the problem solving teams, in that they are the ones that come up with the ideas and are also the ones to implement them into the work place. They often chose their own members and evaluate each other with in the group. This type of group has not always shown to be positive. In one study it showed higher absenteeism and higher turnover rates. They have also shown to lack in conflict resolution with in the work place. An example of this type of group could be, student workers in an apartment complex that are hired without a “manager” in place to maintain their schedules and the way they organize their office. They are given a goal or an objective and together they decide how to reach that goal or objective. Cross-Functional teams:

This team is composed of employees at a similar hierarchical level that come together to come up with innovative ideas. A cross-functional team is good to come up with new products or new ideas, because having employees from different departments allows many points of view to be expressed about the success or implementation of the idea or product. An example might be the coordination of the marketing department, the accounting department, and the production department, meeting to come up with a new marketing campaign. This...
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