Applications of Microprocessor

Topics: Management, Control, Leadership Pages: 1 (252 words) Published: June 23, 2013
1.Describe in detail about the evolution of management theory 2.Explain in detail the functions of management
3.Describe in detail the contribution of f.w taylor
4.Explain the effect of golabalization and liberalization in global business environment with examples 5.Describe the hierachial nature of organizational objectives and the guidelies for setting objectives 6.expln in detail the importance of planning in the present Indian business environment also highlight the diffrnt types of plans 7.Explain a)planning process b)types of plans

8.define mbo describe the benefits and weakness of mbo and ways to overcome them 9.what do you mean by deparmentation discuss in detail about the diffrnt stratagies adopted in deparmentation’ 10.discuss the techniques and instruments used in selection process 11expln in detail the decisison makin process with examples also expln in detail any two decisison makin tool 12.identify the barriers and breakdowns in communication and suggest approaches to improve their communication 13.describe any 4 theories of motivation and expln their strengthsand weakness 14.eludicate the diffrnt leadership styles expln in detail abt blake and mountons managerial grids 15.define communication expln the process of communication expln the various types of communication with its relative merits and demerits 16.wat are the steps in controlling process? State the essentials of control 17.wat is budgetary control expln its significance and contrast between feed forward and feedback system in controlling 19.expln the traditional and modern technologies of budgeting in detail
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