Applications of Computers 2

Topics: Computer, Computer-aided design, Computer software Pages: 2 (656 words) Published: November 3, 2009
Applications of computers

Computer is used every where in the world in every field of life. There are many applications of computer for example. 1. Science and Technology:
a. Engineering Applications: Computer programs can now solve difficult problems in a fraction of the time it used to take. Computer-Aided engineering is a powerful tool and necessary for engineering design and manufacture. Nowadays, you no longer have to write your own software programs to use computers effectively. In chemical engineering, a lot of softwares are used in the process of chemical operation, Such as the software for process of chemical engineering ProⅡ and Aspen, and Computational fluid dynamics software Fluent and CFX and so on. The details of the process and unite operation can be investigated by computer and software. b. Medical Application: The use of computers for long-distance consultation and diagnosis. Electronic Patient Records (EPRs) have to some extent been used in medicine for many years. With the increasing presence of computers at home and at work, there is a great deal of scope for the development of electronic patient records. Medical Record keeping (Regenstrief Medical Record System, COSTAR, TMR, ONCOCIN); Medical Information retrieval programs; and Medical Decision Making c. Defence Applications: the use computers in defence by controling UAV or un maned air crafts an example is predator. They also have ICBM or intercontanional bulistic missles use GPS which uses computers to target. d. Telecommunication and networking Applications: The Internet is a worldwide network of computers and computer networks that can communicate with each other using the Internet Protocol. Any computer on the Internet has a unique IP address that can be used by other computers to route information to it. Hence, any computer on the Internet can send a message to any other computer using its IP address. These messages carry with them the originating computer's IP address...
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