Applications of Biotechnology

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Applications of Biotechnology in Medicine

Biotechnology is a very huge field and its applications are used in a variety of fields of science such as agriculture and medicine. Medicine is by means of biotechnology techniques so much in diagnosing and treating dissimilar diseases. It also gives opportunity for the populace to defend themselves from hazardous diseases. The pasture of biotechnology, genetic engineering, has introduced techniques like gene therapy, recombinant DNA technology and polymerase chain retort which employ genes and DNA molecules to make a diagnosis diseases and put in new and strong genes in the body which put back the injured cells. There are some applications of biotechnology which are live their part in the turf of medicine and giving good results:  

|     | Biopharmaceutical

By means of the technique of biotechnology, the drugs biopharmaceuticals were urbanized. There are no chemicals concerned in the combination of these drugs, but microorganisms have completed it likely to expand them. Large molecules of proteins are typically the source ofbiopharmaceuticals. They when under attack in the body attack the hidden mechanisms of the disease and wipe out them. Now scientists are annoying to expand such biopharmaceutical drugs which can be treated against the diseases like hepatitis, cancer and heart diseases.| Gene therapy

Gene therapy is one more technique of biotechnologies which is used to delicacy and diagnoses diseases like cancer and Parkinson's disease. The apparatus of this technique is that the fit genes are under attack in the body which either obliterate the injured cells or replace them. In some cases, the fit genes make corrections in the genetic information and that is how the genes start performance in the favor of the body.|   | | |     | Pharmacogenomics 

Pharmacogenomics is an additional genetically modified method which is used to learn the genetic information of a personality. It analyzes the body's reply to sure drugs. It is the mixture of pharmaceuticals and genomics. The aspire of this field is to expand such drugs which are inserted in the person according to the genetic information there in the individual.| Genetic testing

Genetic testing is a technique of heredity which is used to conclude the genetic diseases in parents, sex and carrier screening. The technique of genetic testing is to use DNA probes which have the sequence alike to the mutated sequences. This technique is also used to recognize the criminals and to test the parenthood of the child.It is completed that no field of science can be winning until it uses the techniques of biotechnology. Scientists are operational in the research area to expand new drugs and vaccines and are also judgment cures for the diseases which were not easy to treat in the past decade. Biotechnology is a field of miracle.|   | |  

Biotechnology is frequently deliberated the similar with the biomedical investigate, but there are a group of other industries which take advantage of biotech method for studying, cloning and varying genes. We have turn out to be familiar to the thought of enzymes in our everyday lives and a lot of people are recognizable with the argument adjacent the use of GMOs in our foods. The agricultural industry is at the middle of that debate, but since the days of George Washington Carver, agricultural biotech has been producing innumerable new products that have the possible to alter our lives for the improved. |

1. Vaccines|
Oral vaccines have been in the works for much existence as a likely solution to the increase of disease in immature countries, where costs are excessive to extensive vaccination. Hereditarily engineered crops, frequently fruits or vegetables, planned to carry antigenic proteins from transferable pathogens that will activate an immune reply when injected. An example of this is a patient-specific vaccine for treating cancer. An anti-lymphoma vaccine...
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