Applications of Augmented Reality in Construction Project Phases

Topics: Construction, Project management, Augmented reality Pages: 9 (2699 words) Published: January 15, 2013
APPLICATIONS OF AUGMENTED REALITY IN CONSTRUCTION PROJECT PHASES Akshay MN1, Harikrishnan Ranjith2, Hrushikesh MG3, Mayank Agrwal4, Sayali Kolte5 ABSTRACT
Construction is a game of uncertainties. Unforeseen circumstances pop up almost on a daily basis in a construction project. Being able to foresee them and to rectify the issues without a fatal effect defines the success of a project. Augmented reality helps in visualizing many of these unwanted errors which are hidden in the real world. This paper discusses the use of augmented reality in Planning and Execution stages of a construction project. The paper mainly focuses on the advantages of using augmented reality in the construction phases with emphasis on the methods adopted and the results obtained in various scenarios under consideration process. Further scope of the paper proposes increased use of augmented reality as a helpful tool for precise planning and higher productive efficiency in construction. KEYWORDS

Augmented reality, Construction Phases, Augmented reality in real world INTRODUCTION
Augmented reality is a live, direct, or indirect view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by computer generated inputs. Augmented reality enhances a person’s perception about real-world. Augmented reality differs from Virtual reality in the basic concepts because the latter replaces the real world with a simulated, virtual world. Construction industry creations are based on the real world and if a better view of the entire project is obtained during the various phases, the efficiency and the results also will be better. Augmented reality can be used for aiding construction professionals in the various stages viz. Planning and Execution. During planning stage of construction there is a wide variety of hurdles to be crossed in which community development holds one of the key role. The beneficiaries and the neighborhood need to have a better understanding of the project and the various outcomes including impacts and prospects. During the planning stage of the project the professionals involved should have a clear idea of the direction of work and the various methods to be adopted for a smooth execution. Execution stage is the one of the most vulnerable stage in a construction process because of lack of vision of the workers. Augmented reality comes handy in the above mentioned scenarios.

1 Graduate Student, M.Eng, University of Michigan
2 Graduate Student, M.Eng, University of Michigan
3 Graduate Student, M.Eng, University of Michigan
4 Graduate Student, M.Eng, University of Michigan
5 Graduate Student, M.Eng, University of Michigan
This paper discusses impact of augmented reality in planning stage decision making scenario by the beneficiaries and neighborhood, an execution stage activity of discovering buried utility lines and a scenario of a complex staircase design. Detailed analysis on the use of augmented reality in each of the scenario with outcomes is illustrated in this paper. This paper flashes light into the future of augmented reality also with pivot on development and use in daily construction activities. PLANNING STAGE

Most of the construction projects face opposition before the actual construction process has started. When a new project is introduced, the neighbors are always concerned about the nuisance during the construction period, increase in traffic density, loss of open spaces, noise pollution, environmental problems caused harmful tools used on site. Likewise lot of problems are faced before the construction may even be started which might cause delays in the project. Time is an essential factor of any project. A survey of neighborhood reaction to a new development on Anderson Parkway in South Burlington showed the support and resistance before and after construction. The survey consisted of questions about how the project will have negative/positive impacts on traffic, space, property value, additional kids in...
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