Application of Pictograph and Bar Graph in Daily Life

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Application of pictograph in daily life
Pictographs have become a part of everyday life. If looking for an airport, a camping site or toilet etc., they point us in the right direction. They advise us if it’s unsafe to swim because of dangerous currents or crocodiles, the danger of electrocution or if dogs are not allowed – and all without a single written word. It is a fast, convenient and modern way of imparting information. Pictographs can bridge language and cultural barriers; symbols are not reliant on a written language, one reason why road signs etc. are now often found in pictogram form – an effective global means of communication. Pictographs can be used in different types of business's to provide data for what they are going to create or work on (it actually depends on the type of business because if it was a manufacturing business the data would help them know how they would like to build their products). Thanks to digital communication (emojis, emoticons) and commonplace signage (the man/woman icon for “toilet”); pictographs are replacing the written word. In all parts of the world, people refer to pictographs daily. Public buildings use picture-based signs to direct visitors to the elevators, cafeterias, and lavatories. Cashiers at many fast food chains have pictographic registers, clicking on pictures of burgers and fries to input orders. Even popular game apps such as Angry Birds are languageless programs, guiding users with arrows and other icons. APPLICATION OF BAR GRAPH IN DAILY LIFE

A graph of different kinds can be applied in many ways. A graph with a parabola shape can describe projectile motion, which is for instance a football being thrown upward and going down.

There are many graphs such as those used in physics. An example would be velocity-time, position-time, or acceleration-time graphs. A velocity-time graph would indicate acceleration of a moving object. Position-time would indicate velocity or rate of change, and so on.

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