Application of Fuzzy Set Theory in The Selection of Underground Mining Method.

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Bismilahirahmanirahim, Alhamdulillah we would like to express our highest gratitude to ALLAH S.W.T because give us strength during do our report and we have finished it with successfully. We also would like to express a lot of thanks to our lecturer, Dr. Mahmod Bin Othman because he always give a lot of advice during us conducting a project on the topic “Application of Fuzzy Set Theory In The Selection Of Chillies Field Land Method. This report writing give us much benefit .We also would like to give a special thanks to my entire friend CSB5AQ because always help and give some information’s to us in finishing our report. This thank also we dedicate to our beloved family who always give us physical and moral support. May Allah bless us, Insya’allah. Thank you.


In this paper, we describe the research on a new approach in the selection of Chili field land method based on fuzzy set theory for the six farmers as our sample to choose the best land which is located at Felda Chuping, Perlis. Based on the different soil, all the farmer use the polybag to plant the chili. The physical parameter such as soil, chilies and stem are measure by ruler and quantitative data. Fuzzy set theory is applied to these parameters, considering the land methods in order to choose the proper method. To select the best land to plant Chilies, we use Pair Wise Comparison method . We get the data from the different farmers at the Felda Chuping, Perlis.


Our project is based on the article about Application of Fuzzy Set Theory in The Selection of Underground Mining Method. The selection of an underground mining method based on fuzzy set theory for the Ciftalan Lignite Site located close to Istanbul in Turkey. The parameters to select underground mining are geology and the geotechnical properties of ore, hanging and foot wall, economic effects and environment effects are established together with the determination of other qualitative variables. Then, the fuzzy set theory is applied to these parameters, considering the available underground methods in order to choose the proper method. At the end of the evaluations, the room and pillar method with the filling was determined as the most suitable method for the test site .In this article, this project is used Pair Wise Comparison and . The disadvantages of this project are some of the qualitative results were produced from varied solution methods such as linear programming, expert systems, etc. Each alternative (method) has shown its advantages but in this case it did not appear that an easy solution to the problem will be obtained. (.A Karodogan, A.Kahriman and U.Ozer)

According to the article, we have done our project about Application Of Fuzzy Set Theory in The Selection Of Chilli Fields Land Method. So, to do a research, we get the data from the Felda Chuping, Perlis. The selection of chilies field land method based on fuzzy set theory for the six farmer’s land located at the Felda Chuping in Perlis.

From the data, we determine the suitable parameters such as ruler and quantitative data to measure the soil, chilies and stem. In the process, the selection of the most appropriate chilies field land method is of great economic, technique, and safety points of view. The process designs for this project are firstly, clear description of the problem, then, the determination of sub-aims. After that, the determination of the factors affecting sub aims and finally, analysis of the model results according to alternatives.


Normally the farmers at Felda chuping plant the chilies on their observation based on the soil and number of chilies .So the problem is the farmers don’t use any qualitative and quantitative aspect to choose the best land.


Based on the problem statement, our...

References: 1) Application of fuzzy set theory in the selection of underground mining method by A.Karadogan, A.Kahriman and U.Ozer (The Journal of The Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy)
2) Data research project at Felda Chuping, in Perlis.
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