Application of Clinical Psychology

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Application of Clinical Psychology
Angel Palmer, Amanda Ungurean, Solangel Conway and Vincent Depietro PSY/480
June 1, 2015
Kristin Merritte
Application of Clinical Psychology
When it comes to the field of mental health, there are several parts to look at. There are the different cases, some famous and some not of people in time who have suffered from mental illnesses like bipolar. One such person is Virginia Woolf, a novel writer from the early 1900’s. Below is a summary of her story and the illness that she had suffered from, bipolar. Also what will be discussed is the biological, psychological, and social factors that are involved with bipolar. With the case study of Virginia Woolf, it is shown which interventions would be appropriate in the field of clinical psychology. With each intervention, a look at the rationale was for selecting the intervention, what would be done, who would be involved with it, what setting it would be done in and what is the target of the intervention such as biological, psychological or social factors. Summary

In the article of Virginia Woolf, it describes her illness of bipolar and her life and death of dealing with it. She was a great novelist writer, married, and suffered severely from bipolar, having episodes that would put her in a manic state and then deep depression to where she would want to end it all. It gave her delusions and had her hearing things and not knowing what reality was. She struggled for most of her life to control the illness but in the end, it claimed her life. It wore her out fighting and suffering. In the end she filled her pockets with rocks and drowned herself. Application to our case study

Clinical psychology refers to the integration of science, clinical knowledge and theory to understand, prevent and relieve psychologically-based dysfunction or distress and promote behavioral well-being and personal development (Trull & Prinstein, 2012). Virginia was suffering from bipolar...

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