Application of Assembly Language

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What is the application of assembly Language? Where can we prefer assembly language instead of high level languages? 1. Assembly Language is used when speed and reliability are the overriding factor like small footprint real-time operating systems. 2. By using assembly language, programmers can maximize on speed to a level. It is easy to write than machine code programs. 3. It allows the programmer access to registers or instructions that are not usually provided by a High-level language. 4. The main Application of Assembly Language is for direct hardware manipulation i.e. device drivers. 5. Assembly language also directly correlates which machine instructions; the only way to get closer to the machine is to write in binary or hex code.

* Assembly language provides access to certain resources and hardware controls that are simply not available through higher-level languages. E.g: The ability to directly control input and output components within a computer. * Unlike high level Language programming, where a significant level of abstraction exists between application development and the implementation in hardware, assembly language programs are closer conceptually and physically to the underlying processing. * Assembly language is the fine control that it allows over the code that is not generally possible with high level languages. * Assembly Language can invoke specialized instructions to do IO, or manipulate hardware, such as page descriptor tables in the kernel then the high level language.

2.      What is the basic Organization of computer? Write function of each unit briefly.

Input unit
Storage Unit: 
1. Primary Storage: 
2. 2. Secondary Storage: 
3. Memory Size: 
4. Control Unit: 
5. Output Unit: 
6. Arithmetic Logical Unit: 
7. Central Processing Unit: 

Input unit
It is the process of feeding data and instructions to a computer system. Most commonly input devices are Keyboard,...
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