Application of Amos in Sem

Topics: Regression analysis, Social status, Linear regression Pages: 3 (543 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Among the familiar examples where AMOS is employed to achieve the research objectives are: 1) In the field of psychological research — AMOS could be employed to model the role of counselling intervention in helping the healing process of patients in a hospital.

Figure 1: Modelling the Moderator Variable Amount of Medication Administered is an independent variable since it can be increased or decreased (manipulated) by the researcher. Degree of Wellness is a dependent variable since it is the outcome of independent variable. Level of Counselling is a moderating variable if the degree of wellness differs significantly depending on the level of counselling given to the patients. Note: Degree of Wellness could also be latent construct if it is measured through a set of questionnaire

2) In the field of medical and healthcare research — AMOS could be employed to assess the influence of research variables namely corporate image of drugs manufacturers, cost of medicines on the doctors’ willingness to prescribe generic drugs to their patients

Figure 2: Modelling the causal effects

Note: Manufacturer Image and Willingness to Prescribe are latent constructs measured through a set of questionnaire Cost of Medicine is the directly measured variable. This is an observed variable.

3) In the field of social science — AMOS could be employed to describe how the socio-economic status of respondents affect/influence their voting behaviour in a general election.

Figure 3: Modelling the Formative Construct (SES) Note: Socio Economic Status (SES) is a Formative Construct (variables form the construct) Voting Pattern is a Reflective Construct (Construct reflects on the variables) SES is a Formative Construct. It is formed by Education, Occupation, and Income. Voting Pattern is a Reflective Construct measured through a set of questionnaire

4) In the field of educational research — AMOS could be employed to evaluate how infrastructure facilities, academic...
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