Application Letter for the Post of a Management Associate

Topics: Academic degree, Sales, Bachelor's degree Pages: 1 (324 words) Published: February 10, 2014
Dear Sir/Madam
Application for the Post of Management Associate
With reference to your advertisement in the recruitment talk of 7 November 2013 in ABC University, I wish to be considered for the post of Management Associate. I will graduate from a degree programme in Marketing at ABC University at May 2014. The programme, which places emphasis on knowledge of financial instruments such as derivative securities, investment products and insurance plans, has made me particularly equipped in selling financial instruments to customers. As I have indicated in the enclosed CV, a project administrative assistant in a College, which I have just completed, involved understanding and teaching quantitative methods for business to Associate degree’s students. I believe that the results are relevant to your company as a major seller of financial instruments. Working as a project administrative assistant, I gained valuable interpreting capability, persuasive skills and presentation skills when teaching students. In order to acquire the experience on facing public with different preferences, I have worked into a retail store in order to learn how to achieve a high customer satisfaction level of customers in different segmentations. So, my social skills have been further developed by the summer training I completed during my placement in retail store this summer. In addition to the summer training, I have obtained many practical qualifications that fulfilling this post. For instance, I have passed in paper 1 and paper 5 of the IIQE. It is fortunate that I can exempt for some public exams of financial qualifications such as paper 1 and 2 of HKSI after finishing my studies at University. Besides, I got category 2B in PSC Putonghua Proficiency Test. I am confident that I can deal with lots of clients from Mainland China effectively. I will do my best to contribute to your company and I would appreciate an interview at any time convenient to you. I can be contacted on the mobile...
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