Application Exercises

Topics: Customer service, Management, Service Pages: 3 (611 words) Published: April 22, 2015
MBA 503 Operations Management
Application Exercises

You may choose to do up to three application exercises of your choice to demonstrate the application of a concept or tool presented in this course. You may turn these in at any time during the course. You are encouraged to turn in a draft to me for any feedback to improve the application. You will earn up to 50 points for each of your successful applications.

Voice of the Customer
Identify customers/stakeholders of a process that you/your team manage Interview a minimum of three of these customers/stakeholders using the following questions: What are your expectations for the product/service that you receive from this process? How do you define quality for this product/service?

What are one or more things that we can do to improve the quality of this process? Summarize the findings from these interviews.

Waiting Line Analysis
Describe a waiting line that occurs around a service your organization provides. Describe the service system
Describe the arrival system
How would you characterize the waiting line model
Provide data on the service rate and arrival rate – or how you go about collecting this data. Identify actions that could be taken to improve performance and manage the customer’s experience.

Problem Prevention (Fail Safing and Poka-Yokes)
Use flow charting to describe a process (this can be the creation of a service or a product) in which you are familiar. Identify a potential failure in the process and what impact it may have on performance. Design a poka-yoke to prevent or reduce the chances of failure. Discuss how this would improve performance.

Reducing Waste
Describe an operation or process that you have access to.
Observe the operation/process and identify five or more types of waste. Discuss how the waste negatively impacts organizational performance. Design on or more actions to eliminate/reduce waste in this operation/process.

Constraint Management
Describe a...
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