Application Essay: General Dentistry Program

Topics: Dentistry, Oral and maxillofacial surgery, Dental implant Pages: 3 (925 words) Published: January 5, 2014
An attempt to decrypt the inner workings of dentistry, the development of oral health - every research project I've worked on in my undergraduate years has got me excited about the vast potential opportunity trapped in Dental Sciences. But every one of these times, I've faced a formidable challenge: the intricacy and complexity of dentistry itself. The chaos of molecular motion forms the basis for a remarkably well-organized biological system, whose actual mechanisms are only now being highlighted through better instruments. From the few glimpses we’ve had, I believe that one of the biggest changes to be ever witnessed by humanity is just beyond the horizon, beginning of Dentistry . I began my undergraduate education at Dharamsinh Desai University with the firm belief that Dental Sciences with a strong focus . My first practical experience was in summer 2008 with participation in the dental health camps organized by the faculty at my University. Our efforts were towards the community for the improvement of dental health amongst the local populace. Acknowledging the hazardous effects of smoking and chewing tobacco with the aim of persuading patients to maintain their oral hygiene was my principal crusade. I had the opportunity to participate and contribute during the seminars on “Temporomandibular joint disorders”, “Oral health and cardiovascular diseases”, “Periodontal flap surgery” and “Oral microbial flora”. Also I had the privilege of assisting the faculty during the surgical procedures of disimpaction, cyst enucelation, periodontal flap surgery, vestibuloplasty and reduction of fractures. The rotating internship provided me a chance to get acquainted with and sharpen my clinical dentistry skills during my postings in different departments.

As a dental student, I was also nominated for a Teaching Assistant role for freshman and sophomore undergraduates. Through my limited teaching experiences, I realized that I do enjoy both the sharing and learning...
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