Application Essay for Nursing

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1) Your reason for selecting nursing as a career

Since I was a child I told my parents that I wanted to be a doctor. Certain obstacles in your life make it difficult to achieve your goal in the time you would like, but I have not given up. I love to help people and was always interested in the health care field. Watching my grandmother suffer and eventually dying from uncontrolled diabetes, because living in a small island in the West Indies the technology and medicine we have now was not available then. She couldn’t get the treatment she really needed. This led me to a greater interest in a nursing career as this can be my stepping stone for where I eventually want to be. As a nurse I will be able to have a more hands on experience with patients. It is personally gratifying when I am able to help others, especially those who are not able to help themselves. Being able to show empathy, understanding to someone else’s medical needs is one of my strongest characteristics. 2) What are your future plans and aspirations?

My specific area of interest is in obstetrics and I believe I will bring to the practice of nursing my dedication and hard work, reliability, determination, compassion and the love I have for helping people. I am always eager to learn new things, immediate and positive contributions, consistency, and multitasking are crucial characteristics for the field of nursing of which I possess. I am very detail oriented and have great communication skills which are more of what I will illustrate throughout my professional career. I feel that a nursing career is the perfect fit for my personality and passion. 3) What accommodations have you made in your life to prepare for the nursing program? I have a great family support where my personal responsibilities are concerned. Moreover my job is willing to compliment my nursing school schedule to allow me to finish the program if given the opportunity, this will allow...
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