Application and Technology Architectures"

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The Reliable Pharmaceutical Service is a privately held company incorporated in 1975 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It provides pharmacy services to health-care delivery organizations that are too small to have their own in-house pharmacy. The Reliable pharmaceutical industry (RPS) has been doing well but with the coming of new technology and software implementation RPS has lost its effective business. Order-entry, billing, and inventory-management procedures are a hodgepodge of manual and Computer-assisted methods. RPS has to give away its old way of operations and built a new beginning with technology and application plans. Several studies and much anecdotal evidence point to "software aging" as a common phenomenon, in which the state of a software system degrades with time. Exhaustion of system resources, data corruption, and numerical error accumulation are the primary symptoms of this degradation, which may eventually lead to performance degradation of the software, crash/hang failure, or other undesirable effects. "Software rejuvenation" is a proactive technique intended to reduce the probability of future unplanned outages due to aging (Castelli et al, 2001) with the implementation plan for RPS for next five years it can reach new heights in business and survive the competitive pharmaceutical industry.

Application architecture plan for RPS for next 5 years

1.)Development and supply chain management (SCM)

Knowledge management is one of the most important factors in the R&D area of pharmaceutical companies. Online, real-time, integration of customers, suppliers and external service providers will help to have better connection with the customers, suppliers and other service providers. Applications and services supporting the development process, Distribution / transport. Applications and services to handle distribution and transport, e.g. parts of SAP’s R/3 sales and distribution module (SD). E.g. CAD, product data management applications and graphic design tools.

2.)Research and Strategies information management system (SIMS):

Applications and services for after-sales process. Applications and services supporting the research process, e.g. CAD, graphic design tools and statistical applications.

3.)Human resources.
Applications and services supporting the management of personnel data.
4.) Accounting/finance system
Purchase intranet application to maximize employee access to financial data for planning and control Payroll accounting. Applications and services to process payroll accounts, E.g. payroll services provided by ADP.

• Accounts payable administration.

5.) Retail store system (RSS)
Replace existing store system with a system that can integrate with the customer support system and Data collections. Data warehouse applications and services, e.g. SAP’s Business Warehouse.

6.) Customer support system (CSS)
Implement an order-processing and fulfillment system that seamlessly integrates with the supply chain management systems to support mail, phone and web based ordering.

The consistent use of the terminology, applications or services is intended to suggest that, in the future, many of these areas need not necessarily be covered by a company’s own applications and that the functionality required can be bought from a service provider instead.

Technology Architecture plan for RPS for next 5 years

The Technology Architecture describes current and future technical infrastructure and specific hardware and software technologies that support RPS’s information systems. It provides guidance and principles for implementing technologies that are proven to work well with existing and planned technologies. The Technology Architecture is recorded as a series of bricks, patterns, and architecture principles. The following diagram illustrates how the technology architecture fits within the RPS architecture Framework. RPS has to be competitive by having a...
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