Applicable Artificial Intelligence

Topics: Artificial intelligence, Neural network, Artificial neural network Pages: 4 (1421 words) Published: November 25, 2009
INTRODUCTION: The Artificial Intelligence is related with the design of intelligence in an artificial device."ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE" term is coined by McCarthy in the year 1956.Basically there were two ideas in the definition of Artificial Intelligence. (i) Intelligence

(ii) Artificial device.
There were different views regarding the scope and Artificial Intelligence. One view is that artificial intelligence is about designing systems that are as intelligent as humans. This view involves trying to understand human thought and an effort to build machines that imitate the human thought process. This view is the cognitive science approach to AI. Neural Network is a different paradigm for computing Von Neumann machines which are based on the processing memory abstraction of human information processing. Neural networks are like multiprocessor computer system with simple processing elements, high degree of interconnections, simple scalar messages and adaptive interaction between elements. HISTORICAL BACKGROUND: Intellectual roots of AI date back to the early studies of the nature of knowledge and reasoning. The dream of transposing a computer imitates humans also has a very early history. Aristotle in the year 384-322 BC developed an informal system of syllogistic logic, which is the basis of the first formal deductive reasoning systems. Descartes early in the 17th century proposed that bodies of animals are nothing more complex than machines. in 1942, Pascal made the first mechanical digital calculating machine. George Boole developed a binary algebra representing "laws of thought" in the 19th century. Charles Babbage and Ada Bryon worked on programmable mechanical calculating machines. In the end of 19th century and in the early 20th century, mathematical philosophers develop mathematical representations of logic problems. The advent of computers provides a revolutionary advance in the ability to study...
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