Apples and Oranges

Topics: Apple, Fruit, Vitamin C Pages: 1 (387 words) Published: June 18, 2013
Donnie Shenk
English 1010: Composition 1
Dr. Pat Meehan Roll
10 October, 2012
Apples and Oranges
Apples and oranges are both sweet and delicious fruit that can be found in the finest of kitchens in the entire world. They are both tasteful on their own not needing the enhancement of other ingredients or further cooking. It also should be noted that apples and oranges provide many health benefits to people world-wide, and are key ingredients in major medical miracle drugs. They also inspire art, fashion, perfume, and other walks of everyday life. Perhaps the most iconic aspect of apples and oranges is the age old question of which fruit is superior. Though the answers may differ, the census is that apples and oranges are so different that there is no way to choose. However you weigh these to fruits remember that these two are similar in some ways but their differences are what make them unique. Apples are commercially grown on fruit trees. They can be red, green, or yellow in color. Apples are edible and they can be bitter or sweet depending on the ripeness of the fruit. Apples have to be grown at a specific temperature. Apple juice is made from apples and, unlike its counterpart, it has no pulp. You can play the age old game of bobbing for apples during Halloween time and are used for cooking pies, cookies, and other foods. Apples are high in fiber and are just plain old healthy for you. Oranges are a tropical fruit and can be eaten or squeezed to make orange juice. Oranges are grown on trees and can have a tropical or bitter taste depending on the ripeness of the fruit. The orange is widely known for the vitamin C content and is thought to fight against cardiovascular disease, lower cholesterol, and prevent kidney stones. Also, the fruit in general, provides healthy doses of fiber, glucose, and gives a boost in energy.

Overall, it is clear that these fruits are amazing in their own right. Their benefits to mankind are staggering, and every year more and...
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