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Apple Company responsibility and Strategies
Chelsea Armstrong-Mitchell
Contemporary Business
October 26 2014

Corporate responsibilities and Marketing strategies
In the eyes of many Apple is the best and the head of the the best technical device known as the Iphone or Ipad and Ipods. Apple Inc is also known for a world-wide usage of these technologies because of the value of their products. With that being said, this is the one of the key reasons why Apple’s sales volume is so high and they are so effective with sales their product. Apple’s position is clear. Apple Inc mission is to guarantee that it remains socially responsible in the community which also help them in persuading of the many suppliers which work with Apple to comply to their socially ethic and issues. Apple’s clearly states within supplier code of conduct their employees are empowered and provided with safe and ethical working conditions. This is simply in place so that their code goes surpast the standard of industry. This show the success rate for the company fuure, and Apple has been very success using these satndards. Apple stands by their products which has a large influence on its existence within the local communities they serve . Apple takes a conscious effort in reducing a damaging effect on the environment which are apart of the ethical policies and procedures from Apple. In Apple’s mission it articulates the companies commitment in fulfilling corporate social responsibility activities, besides Apple providing state-of-the-art products to the customers. In all companies corporate social responsibility is an important within holding a successful company. This is esstenial to building and enhancing the reputation of a company. This shows society as well as the community in which the company resides in that the company doesn’t have the sole purpose of just producing profits but also aims to serve the community, support and have a positive impact within the society. The employees, suppliers and public members of Apple as one are apart needed for company support. Apple is average when it comes to corporate responablity. As a copomany claiming they have this ethic to serve a scommunity Apple has yet to do anything in relations to executing corporate social responsibility (Backer, 2013). Apple confirms that its employees are compensated well in reguards to the performance of the company with bonus and raises. Very seldomly, the company offers their product to the employees for free, which includes Macbooks, iPods, iPads, and iPhones. Antother incentive the company offers to their employee’s are shares of the company’s stock for free or at a cheaper than market price which shows that Apple is welcoming and friendly to their employee’s. Pros

One Pro for Apple Inc. they do not use child labor in the productions of any of it’s products as like many companies. Apple hold high standards for themselves as a company as well as the suppliers. Apple advised the suppliers to make certain that they do not use child labor as well because this would warrant outside of Apples ethics. The company put great emphasis on the fact that their suppliers should make sure the usage of friendly sources of energy is implemented within their activities. The use of disreputable practices in the suppliers while working with Apple includes the following: hazardous working conditions which are looked at before Apple decides to work with that company and chilsd laborers. Also any cases of enticements and alteration of the company financials is banned if a company is to be a supplier of Applewhich is a strategy shows Apple’s attempt to be socially responsible. (Cullen, Jonson, and Latessa, 2012).

Reports show that companies like Microsoft , Hp and Lenovo are more into taking care of their envorement as opposed to Apple. Reports show that Apple Inc contain chemicals that are used to make...

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