Apple Propaganda

Topics: YouTube, Video clip, Apple Inc. Pages: 3 (832 words) Published: February 27, 2015
Giulliano Alfiler
Professor Matthew Kline
26 March 2014
Apple and Advertising Techniques
In the article “Propaganda Techniques in Today’s Advertising” by Ann McClintock, the author tells us that propaganda techniques target all people all over the world and are spread throughout the world and will increase in the future. Therefore, Ann McClintock explains to us what propaganda is and she also tells us seven different types of propaganda techniques that are being used today by advertisers. The first propaganda tactic is called Name Calling. Name Calling is a propaganda technique in which a company would say negative names or words against a competitor. Another technique is called Glittering Generalities. In this tactic, advertisers use attractive, yet vague words to their product such as: miracle, freedom. The third tactic is called Transfer. In transfer, advertisers associate their product with a symbol that is really famous or most people respect, like the American Flag. The fourth tactic is called Testimonial. This tactic uses famous celebrities as endorsers to captivate the consumers even though the celebrity doesn’t use or haven’t even used the product being advertised. Plain Folks is the fifth propaganda technique. It is a tactic mostly used by politicians in which the speakers attempt to win their audience by appearing as persons like ourselves. The sixth propaganda technique is called Card Stacking. It is a technique that plays on the distortion of facts by saying half-true words to win our support or to buy their products. The last propaganda tactic is called Bandwagon. Probably a reference to the phrase “jump on the bandwagon” which means to do what everyone else is doing. Apple uses some of these techniques to market their products.

On YouTube, a video titled Apple Commercials was uploaded by a YouTube channel “applecollection.” The ten-minute video shows several commercials of Apple from year 1997 to 2010. In the first commercial, ten...

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