Apple Marketing Project

Topics: Marketing, Apple Inc., Business Pages: 7 (2690 words) Published: December 26, 2010
The impact of Apple products in the electronic business market and what makes them more superior from their competitors? The role of marketing management to target the consumers, critically analyse? Introduction:

To begin with, the investigation will be made in this research to know about the product which produced from Apple in e- business market and how well they create an environment to make their products more superior from their competing rivalries. The reason behind selecting this company is because the way they produced or manufactured their products goes beyond the expectation of their consumers and most of their consumer gets satisfied with the advance features of the product. The important role of marketing management to grab the attention of their consumers, in this research the attempt will be made to talk in depth about the selected company. Apple has an impact on their consumers and that makes them superior and they have managed to attract the consumers with their products even when they are most expensive ones. How marketing management have made the strategies to build a success full platform in the market, for instance this research will attempt to know about the inferior part of apple which makes them superior with their products. What their focus on selecting such parts to build a product and do they select the inferior part with their past experience of customers reaction on their product and how does they manage to keep changing with their models of their product and produce some advance features with every different product. “Creative innovative marketing describes how some leading companies approach innovation. Firms develop strategy by identifying and selecting among different views of the future” (P.Kotler, et al, 2009). Being creative with the products is mostly accepted in any form of market, as apple does with their every new product and this could be the reason for their success in business market and marketing management will play a pivotal role to know the needs and desires of consumers and apple does it with their every new product launch. Marketing management makes the strategies of the product by concerning its future value. It is very important to know about the future of the product as we have seen the strategy of apple i-phone which started as 3g and then 3gs and goes till 4’s. The strategies they make to sell their product i-phone by producing advance models one after another, the i-phone 3g and 3gs has got the same design but 3gs comes with the advance features and their version of 4g which comes with different design and extra features has break the record in their sale of i-phone. It can be understand through this process of invention in every single model is creative and their marketing management has done some fair job to attract their customers. Furthermore, the research will comes with the detailed information about their products which makes them superior and it will follow with the problems and success in their marketing management. To support this arguments evidence will provided from the great scholars of marketing researchers and marketing management.

Literature Review:
Consumers in present scenario are much found of electronic products, mobile phones and computers are necessities of human life. Apple has been very impressive with the advance technology and fast performance, consumer always look for those products which allow them to access their needs in every needful movement. Producing some extraordinary products containing with inferior feature devices has made apple’s product more superior in the competing market. “At the heart of great brand is a great product. Product is a key element in the market offering. Market leaders generally offer products and services of superior quality that provide unsurpassed customer value”(k.l.keller, et al, 2009). This definition implies on the formation of apple products, thus it says the value of great brand becomes a...

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